IIT's primary vision is to plant the seed of professionalism amongst its students to ensure they lead a successful life. IIT firmly believes that people who act professionally, encourage their colleagues and friends to conduct themselves in a manner that supports success.


The students of IIT are taught not to leave their performance at existing levels, but take it many steps higher. IIT strongly motivates its students to go that extra mile through learning new skills and improving existing ones, a trait that can only be achieved by striving for excellence.


The students of IIT should be friendly to each other through sharing a positive viewpoint where they should value others. Students in IIT do not impose their own will and never hesitate to take advice of others, a trait they have gained through showing and earning respect.

News & Events

Like every year, IIT came up with the annual IIT family tour organised by BSSE 10th batch on 23 February 2019. Turag Waterfront Resort was elected as a venue. Teachers, Alumni, BSSE and MIT batches actively joined and added more… Read more

This winter, IITSEC planned and organised IIT Badminton tournament 2019 which got a great response from the students and teachers. Teams were categorized into three groups :- Teachers double, male double and female double. Almost every person of IIT joined… Read more

On 15th September, 2018, the first ever project showcasing contest was held in the premises of IIT. Organized by BSSE 7th batch, this contest was held for the students of IIT to give students a scope to portray what they… Read more

BSSE 7th Batch has successfully organized the long awaited IT PREMIER LEAGUE 2018 from 18th to 20 th March, 2018. Four teams under four professors of IIT participated in this tournament. Players were sold through an exciting auction. Each team… Read more

IIT Software Engineers' Community has successfully organized INDEPENDENCE CUP 2018 on 31st March, 2018 at Institute of Information Technology, University of Dhaka premises. This day long program started with singing the national anthem followed by a programming contest, a quiz… Read more


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