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General Questions

These two subjects are often misunderstood as comparable to each other, which these are not. Both of these courses focus on the understanding of hardware and software, though to varying degrees and hone students' problem-solving skills. Computer Science directs students towards the fundamental aspect of computing where as Software engineering emphasizes on applying more systematic practices to help ensure that products are reliable and safe.

Institute of Information Technology, University of Dhaka offers a variety of courses for people of different categories.

1. Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSE)
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, BSSE in short, is the graduate degree offered by the institute. The degree is expected to be particularly suited to people with high technical aspirations and strong communication skills. BSSE program is a four-year industry-oriented degree. Three years of study will be followed by a half-year industry placement before the final semester of study. Students will be assisted by the Institute in their placement for Internship. Students then integrate their industry experience within their studies when they return for their final semester.

2. Masters of Science in Software Engineering (MSSE)
A four years BIT (SE) (or BSc in Software Engineering degree) is the qualification for entering into this one and half year Masters program. . Classes will be held during normal working hours. It requires a minimum 36 credit hours including a thesis for which 18 credit hours shall be assigned of course work.

3. Masters in Information Technology (MIT)
A four-year BSc / BSc (Engineering) degree in Information Technology or Computer Science or a minimum three-year bachelor's degree with a PGDIT degree is the minimum qualification for appearing in the entrance examination. It extends over four trimesters of full- time study. Classes will be held during normal working hours. It requires a minimum 36 credit hours of course work.

4. Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (PGDIT)
The PGDIT is an one-year program on the principles and practice of information technology. At least a two-year degree in BA / BS / BSc / BSc (Eng.) is the minimum qualification for appearing in the entrance examination. Admission to the PGDIT/MIT is based on a written examination followed by an interview at IIT.
Student must attend Dhaka University 'Ka Unit' admission test for taking admission in the Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSE) program. The students who have passed H.S.C. or equivalent examinations from Science group and have a GPA totalling at least 8.0 (excluding fourth/additional subject) in their S.S.C. and H.S.C. or equivalent examinations are eligible to apply for admission. Students, who have successfully completed BSSE, can apply for regular graduate program – Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSSE).

Other Questions

  • Software Engineering degree from University of Dhaka. IIT is the first Institute in Bangladesh offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in Software Engineering
  • Intensive collaboration with IT industry
  • Six month long Internship opportunities for every students
  • A friendly environment with dedicated state of the art computing facilities

IIT is dedicated to advance the frontiers of knowledge and committed to promote research in various fields of software engineering. New research projects are undertaken every year and multiple articles are published in International Conferences and Journals. Currently members of IIT are working on different areas like: Software Engineering, Image processing and Pattern Recognition, Bioinformatics, Optimization Information Retrieval, Cloud Computing and Wireless Network and Network Security.


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