This is the only research oriented M.Sc. degree in Software Engineering in Bangladesh.

Software engineering is a systematic and disciplined approach to developing software. It applies computer science, mathematics and business principles and practices to the creation, operation and maintenance of software systems. It is now more than an integrated approach of design, development, QA and maintenance rather than only programing. Therefore it becomes increasingly important that while understanding developing technologies and architectures and their influence on software engineering processes, research for novel methods and methodologies on those very issues. The research is the only sustainable way of meeting the ever increasing global demands.

CNN/Money Magazine (2011) just rated software engineering as the number one best job for salary and opportunities []. Software Engineering graduates gain employment as software developers and testers, software architects and designers, team leaders and project managers, and executive-level positions in software development projects. At the same time, the appeal of research and development on new findings gradually creating inroads in this popular market. Even in Bangladesh, world reputed companies like Samsung, LG and many others are opening their research and development centers.

The proposed Master of Science in Software engineering degree will encompass a wide range of activities covering software engineering practice, software architectures, formal design methods, automated verification, computational models and foundations in concord with the traditional computer sciences. Mary Shaw shows in his famous journal on research in software engineering that there are six typical phases in this very new area of research which distinguished software engineering research from other traditional fields like Physics, Chemistry etc. Those are: Basic research, Concept formulation, Development and extension, Internal extension and exploration, External extension and exploration and Popularization. The aim of this proposed program is to introduce those formal phases to the prospective students, and thus to make them ready for this newest challenge in the industry.

This will be an elite degree for those students who have excellent grades and also possess strong communication skills together with an outward worldly focus and personality.

For further details please download the MSSE Brochure

A four years BIT (SE) (or BSc in Software Engineering degree) is the qualification for entering into this one and half year Masters program.

This will be a three semester (one and half year) full time program, where there will be two explicit parts. Half the semester credits will be allocated for theoretical studies to prepare students to do research. The rest will be allocated to do research and formal publications.