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Python,Data Analysis

Training Title: Introduction to Programming and Data Analysis with Python

Training Description:

 In this course students will learn to -

  • create, edit and run Python program
  • declare and use variables in Python
  • use the most common data types in Python
  • use different data structures in Python
  • use conditions to execute specific code block
  • use loops to repeat code block
  • manipulate strings
  • read from a file and write to a file in Python
  • analyzing data using pandas
  • data visualization using matplotlib 

Training Duration: 3 months (2 days/week), 20 classes, 1 hour and 30 minutes per class

For further details please download the Flyer

Training Rules:

Students will submit their attested HSC certificate and one copy recent photograph before enrolling in this training program. The training enrollment fee is 7200 BDT. 20% discount on course fee will be applicable for student and staff of University of Dhaka, children of faculty/staff of University of Dhaka.

Students must have 70% attendance and 60% marks for successfully completing their training program.

Introduction to Programming and Data Analysis with Python Admission Form

For more information, please call 01540301497.