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Asif Imran

Full Name Asif Imran
Designation Lecturer
Qualification Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSSE), IIT, University of Dhaka
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Status On Study Leave

Faculty of IIT, University of Dhaka with detailed experience in Consultancies for ICT projects of the Government, Private (Local) Software Companies and International Organizations. My experience of working with International Development Partners for over 4 years has enabled me to see the scope of developing our nation through ICT. Evaluator of many Government Projects in ICT and an active researcher in the field of Cloud Computing and Secure Software Engineering, I love travelling and seeing the world around. I have participated in international conferences in Spain, United Kingdom and Turkey besides locally held conferences.

Prospective Research Interests:

1. Cloud Computing Security Intelligence

- Lamisha Rawshan (MSSE) (graduated in 2016)

- Md. Shariful Islam (BSSE) (graduated in 2016)

- Kamrun Nahar Neela (BSSE) (graduated in 2016)

- Md. Sakibur Rahman (MIT) (graduated in 2015)

2. Ensuring self-adaptation of Distributed Software

- Asif Rabi (BSSE) (graduated in 2016)

4. Software Project Management

- Md. Shamsuzzoha (MSSE) (graduated in 2016)

Project Team:

Software Enginerring

- Md. Sohel Rana (BSSE) (graduated in 2016)

Emergent teams (students working as assistants in current projects)

- Md. Shamim (BSSE) : Working with MongoDB

- Tamim Sadique (BSSE): Working with Data Communication tools (CISCO Packet Tracer)


Conference Papers

1. Design Smell Detection and Analysis for Open Source Java Software

Files :softwaredesignsmells
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2. A Case-Based Framework for Self-Healing Paralysed Components in Distributed Software Applications

Files :Cloud-Self-Healing
 Download File

3. Watchword-Oriented and Time-Stamped Algorithms for Tamper-Proof Cloud Provenance Cognition

Files :Cloud-Provenance
 Download File

4. Cloud-Niagara: A High Availability and Low Overhead Fault Tolerance Middleware for the Cloud

Files :Cloud-Fault-Tolerance
 Download File

5. Active-Threaded Algorithms for Provenance Cognition in the Cloud preserving Low Overhead and Fault Tolerance

Files :Cloud-Provenance-3
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6. An Empirical Investigation of Cost-Resource Optimization for running Real-Life Applications in Open Source Cloud

Files :EmpiricalInvestigationCloud
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Journal Papers

1. Web Data Amalgamation for Security Engineering: Digital Forensic Investigation of Open Source Cloud, Journal of Universal Computer Science; Springer Verlag, Vol. 22, Issue. 4, Page. 494-520, Year 2016.

Files :Springer2016
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2. Asif Imran, Alim Ul Gias, Rayhanur Rahman, and Kazi Sakib. Provintsec: a provenance cognition blueprint ensuring integrity and security for real life open source cloud. International Journal of Information Privacy, Security and Integrity, 1(4):360–380, 2013.

Files :Provitsec
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Taught Courses:

a. Database management System

b. Distributed Computing

c. Management Information System

d. Research Methodology

e. Secure Software Design and Programming

f. Network Security

g. Object Oriented Concept

h. Data Communication and Networking

i. Software Security


EMAIL: asifimran[at]du[dot]ac[dot]bd

Consultancies and specializations


  • Consultant, Technical Requirements Engineering and Documentation for Brain Station 23.
  • Consultant, ICT Wing for Bangladesh Police at Police Headquarter.
  • Consultant, Technical Documentation of Government Projects in other software firms. 
  • Consultant for the Quarterly Labor Force Survey (QLFS) conducted by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Statistics and Informatics Division, Ministry of Planning, 2015.
  • Ensuring high availability in OpenStack Ice house project for GMO (https://www.gmo.jp/en/
  • Software Requirements Analysis for MIS of Bangladesh Primary Education (in partnership with ATI Limited)


1. University Grants Commission Supervisor's Research Grant 2014-2015

2. University Grants Commission (UGC) Research Grant 2013-2014

3. National Institute of Science and Technology (NST) Fellowship 2013-2014